I entered the industry through Photography creating work focusing on skin conditions and the body. My goal was to create an inclusive visual dialogue that celebrated everybody. Alongside creating personal art I worked within the magazine and media industry honing my production skills, eventually crossing into film. 

After a few years working as a Producer I transitioned to working as a Self Shooting Producer, and then spent a few years focusing on DOP work solely. I preferred removing the disconnect between myself and talent... and then my back started to hurt… so I became a Director :) (lol..joke)

The experiences of my varied career allowed me to gain an acute sense of visual style, hone the best people skills (after a coffee)  and ultimately…connect with amazing crews and collaborators. 

Outside of filming you can find me with my dog (she's the same size as a shoe), making jewellery or sewing clothes and often binging tutorials..

Email: info@keziahquarcoo.com

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